Women with bigger butt are healthier and more intelligent – New Study

Many women are awkward about their bigger butt, but now science gives you the reason to embrace your big booty and feel proud about them. According to a new study conducted by the University of Oxford, women with bigger than average butts are more resistant to diseases and intelligent. Data from more than 16,000 women were analyzed for the study, which concluded that women with larger than average posterior tends to produce more hormone for the breakdown of sugar and have lower cholesterol and glucose levels as compared to women with smaller butt.

According to the lead researcher of the study Dr Konstantinos Manolopoulous, “The idea that body fat distribution is important to health has been known for some time. However, it is only very recently that thigh fat and a large hip circumference have been shown to promote health; that lower body fat is protective by itself.”

As bigger butt needs more Omega 3 fatty acid, women with bigger butt also have higher levels of Omega 3 fatty acid, which promotes brain development. It also improves behavioral function, enhances cognitive ability and fights depression. It improves your overall mental health and therefore, people with bigger butt are more intelligent.

Bigger butt is also associated with higher levels of leptin and dinopectina, two hormones. Leptin controls your overall body weight and appetite. The higher levels of leptin give out signals of fullness to your brain and stop you from overeating. Hence, women with bigger butt are at lower risk of becoming obese. Dinopectina has anti-diabetic and anti-inflammatory properties. It prevents diabetes and controls vascular condition. So, women with bigger butt are at lower risk of developing heart problems or diabetes.

According to another study conducted by US National Library of Medicine, women with wider hips and more fat in the lower body have higher IQ babies as their body have higher levels of Omega 3 fatty acid, which promotes brain development. Universities of Pittsburgh and California conducted similar studies and found that women with wide hips and bigger butt may live longer than women with smaller butt. However, Brazilian butt lifts and fake butts are not included in the study, so think before going under the knife for bigger butt in the light of this new information about bigger butt, health and intelligence.

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