Woman finds human pen!s in Tuo Zaafi she bought in town(Watch)

A Ghanaian woman named Akousa could not believe her eyes when she found a human penis in a bowl of tua zaafi and ayoyo soup she was consuming. 

The lady startled netizens by sharing footage of the bizarre and shocking spectacle on social media to warn other Ghanaians who often patronize the services of food vendors especially those who eat meat a lot to be wary about where and what they buy outside.

There’s no doubt that what she showed in the video is indeed a penis belonging to a fully grown homo sapien and premised on the recent spate of killings in the country, it’s imperative that we take precautionary measures in order to avoid falling victim.

In the video first shared by African Watch, the woman could be heard saying; “I had gone to get some food from the food joint because I was hungry and my preferred choice was Tuo Zafi which I bought and took home to eat.

I had eaten all the other meat in the soup and was about to finish off with the biggest piece when I noticed the male genital organ.

Watch the video below;


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