TTAG Sends Deep Emotional Letter To CEO for student Loan Trust Fund over delayed in payment of Allowance


We bring to you our warmest greetings from the Secretariat of the Teacher Trainees Association of Ghana. The leadership of the aforementioned association is through this missive expressing its displeasure over the undue delay in the payment of the restored teacher trainees allowance.

The restoration of the allowance has always been given commendations on the part of the Government by the National Executive Council of TTAG and the entire Trainees across the 46
public Colleges of Education in Ghana due to its significant relief role. This we say, is an unforgettable legacy.

That notwithstanding, it must be stated without equivocation that the undue delay in the payment of the allowance has and is really causing most Teacher Trainees unease.

The leadership of TTAG on several occasions has engaged the Minister for Education, Director General for Ghana Tertiary Education Commission (GTEC) and the CEO for Student Loan
Trust Fund (SLTF) to seek the prompt payment of the Teacher Trainees allowance but the results have always been the same.

• It is worth stating that most trainees rely on the allowance to settle their school and examination fees hence the delay in its payment critised some trainees not to sit for the end of semester examination across various Colleges. Again, the level 400 teacher trainees started their OUT-PROGRAM segment internship) in early September where they had to rent their own rooms, feed themselves, travel from their stations to campus to submit project works and so on. The simple question here is “how does the ordinary trainee who relies on the allowance cope during these trying times for a better education?”.

• In addition to the above the prospective level 200 & 300 trainees were also scheduled to undertake 20 days STS observation to which most were prevented from working to earn to cater for their needs in the new academic year. This exercise commenced
exactly two weeks after the end of the previous academic year.

Moreover, it is out of this same allowance that the Principals in Colleges of Education feed trainees from, and the delay in payment of the allowance has subjected them to constant borrowing and the usage of the internally generated funds of the Colleges.

During the launch of the restoration of the allowance, the Vice President of the Republic said “The restoration of the teacher trainee allowance is the first step on the road to ensuring that
the teaching profession enjoys the exalted status it enjoyed in times past”. We are sorry at this juncture that we are not enjoying our stay in colleges but rather seriously suffering.

We are hereby giving a three weeks ultimatum starting today for the government to pay the arrears of six months allowance to us Teacher Trainees else we shall take appropriate actions
to ensure that our voices are heard. While we do not wish to rush into doing anything that will tarnish the image of the government,
we shall take every necessary step to get the government to redeem its solemn pledge to trainees as all options are on the table now.

Thank you


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