The 9 Types of

Penises are as unique as the people they hang from, and they’re all good. There’s no such thing as a bad shape or size just bad information on how to use it. These days it’s common to see young men buying penis enlargement pills and creams in order to augment their natural size and also perform longer in bed.

Well, this article provides 9 types of penis a lady is likely to encounter during  sex. It also teaches men to appreciate their God given penis. Just like there is a cap for every bottle, there is a vag1na for every

Anyway let’s get into it.

1. The Growing Okro:

Screenshot 20210917 185042 Chrome

At first glance, this penis looks small in size. It is so small it can be compared to an okro. However, the surprising thing about this type of penis is that, once it ejaculates, it increases in size and volume and when used right, it brings both of you maximum pleasure.


2. The no changer penis:

Screenshot 20210917 173624 Chrome

This type of penis doesn’t change size or shape when it’s erected. You pretty much get what you see. There is absolutely no cap. The way It looks in the jeans is the exact way it looks when it’s erected. No change in size, it just gets hard!


3. The Womb Shifter:

Screenshot 20210917 190339 Chrome

You are likely to go into a panic mode when you set on your eyes on this python. It’s so huge, and while some ladies love it, others panic, but don’t freak out! With some teamwork and a good lube, you two might just make things work.

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4. The Tiny Penis:

Screenshot 20210917 190514 Chrome

This type of penis is very small and even while it’s erected, the size doesn’t change. Its so small you can’t feel it if it’s inside you. But hey, no worries, that’s why you have your fingers to work some magic and make your woman have multiple orgasms.

5. The Curved Penis:

Screenshot 20210917 184856 Chrome

This type of penis is like a banana, and you know what? Bananas are awesome. And this type of penis is made to hit your G-spot.

6. The Leopard Penis:

Screenshot 20210917 190709 Chrome

Sometimes a guy’s penis is a different color than the rest of his body, or even has different shades of color on the same shaft. But as long as the color doesn’t bother you, go ahead and have fun.

7. The Uncircumcised:

Screenshot 20210917 190932 Chrome

It should be noted that a lot if guys in the USA are circumcised, so you might go into a bit of shock upon your first encounter. In Ghana too, there are few guys who are uncut. But hey, no need to worry. These type of guys are a bit more sensitive because they know they have a gross penis. And they are often the sweetest.

8. The Perfect Penis:

Screenshot 20210917 191107 Chrome

This type is not too big, not too small, just the perfect size. Such men tend to be cocky because they know they have what 90% of ladies want. If you don’t want your heart broken, better avoid emotional attachment.

9. The final one is the Lucky Charm:

Screenshot 20210917 173804 Chrome

This type of penis leaves you craving for more. Its more like an addiction after first encounter. But don’t be fooled, these types only happen on one night stands.

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Hey, do you have more to add to the list? Share with us in the comments session


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