Teenage girl dies after ‘passing out’ while having s3x in car with older man

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A 15-year-old has tragically died after “passing out” while having s. e. x with an older man in a car in Brazil.

Gabrielly Dickson Alves Nascimento was rushed to hospital on July 29 but died the next morning.

A unnamed 26-year-old man told the police the two had been having s. e. x when the girl turned pale.

Doctors at the the UPA Jardim Casquiero medical facility in Cubatão, São Paulo, diagnosed her with a cardiopulmonary arrest and desperately tried to save the teen but she sadly died in the early hours of the following morning, the Daily Star reports.

Police are now awaiting the results of a post-mortem. There were, however, no other indications of a physical assault.

The man, described as a “general services assistant” is not believed to have been charged with any crime. In Brazil, the age of s. e.xual consent is 14.

Dickson’s family was not aware of her relationship with the the man, according to local reports, and she was not thought to have been suffering from any pre-existing conditions.

“Forensic examinations were requested and the case registered as a suspicious death by the Cubatão Police Station,” the Cubatão Ministry said in a statement.

Dickson’s sudden death sparked an immediate outpouring of grief among her friends, family and neighbours in the township of Cubatão, who paid their respects via social media.

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