Teacher trainees to receive their feeding component within this period

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It sounds interesting right? It seems what the teacher trainees were looking for are becoming a reality. Teacher trainees are about to receive the feeding component part of their allowance.

This came from a press release from the SRC of Wiawso College of Education. Read full statement below:

Warm greetings from the SRC of Wiawso College of Education to the entire student body.

The aforementioned body has gone silent for a couple of days upon rumors concerning the date of resumption and the approved fees for
the 2021/2022 academic year.

Upon consulting the principal and other dignities, we have gathered this information as a form of communiqué to quench the thirst of
curiosity of the student populace.

In the first place all students are entreated to treat all information they have concerning date of reopening and the approved fees as false and such information must be discarded with
immediate effect.

The college Principal Dr. Emmanuel Cassamar told the SRC board the date of reopening and the approved fees, for the 2021/2022
academic will be released on Thursday 23rd September, 2021.
Also, he said, the feeding component will be refunded to students in due time. The SRC basing on the above information is assuring all
students to cope and behave as we work tirelessly in your merit.



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