Teacher Jailed For Defilement – Details

25 years old Ghanaian teacher has found himself in hot soup after defiling his student. Sir Aron, as he was been called at his school, was a GES teacher in one of the Junior High Schools in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. Since he was a young and handsome teacher, Aron developed a close to some of the students (males and females).

After the major lessons of the school, Sir Aron together with other teachers were organizing classes for the students as a way of getting them prepared for their examination their upcoming BECE.

His office was the ICT Lab of the school and whenever extra classes close, one of the female students will opt to be with him for some time before going home. They could be there for hours before they depart to their various homes. Even though the female student was between the ages of ten (10) and twelve years (12), her body suggested the opposite. Maybe these students say Aron is a big brother but Sir Aron thought he was being tempted by the day.

The mother of the young girl started revealing what has happened to the headmaster. It was a moment Sir Aron could not have denied, so he admitted to his wrongs and that was where his woes begun.

Sir Aron started making advances at her. She did not deny either. It continued for some time and the young girl promised never to tell anyone about their affair until the mother of the young girl came to the school one morning. It was a difficult moment for Aron because he knew his cup was full.

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The headmaster quickly intervened and pleaded that the matter is settled at home which the mother of the young girl accepted. However, she returned the following day with two different people.

Unknowingly, she had gone to inform the police who were there to arrest Sir Aron. He was sent to the Police station where his statement was taken. The police quickly arraigned him for court and judgment was passed. Looking at the gravity of his offense, the 25 five-year-old teacher was sentenced to twelve years in prison.

Aron could not hold back his tears when the cameras of Crime Check Foundation had an interaction with him. He has realized that his plans of continuing his education can only be achieved after twelve years. For now, he has spent three years but has regretted his actions.

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