Stop Calling It “Soobolo”. It Is Wrong. Say This Instead

Please be informed that “Sobolo” is a very popular snack in Ghana.

Infact it is loved by many people. Majority prefer to have a snack of Chilled Sobolo in the afternoon.

Sobolo has some healthy elements or ingredients which is generally good for the body.

But there is a saying that anything good has it’s side effect.

In today’s article, let us check out the English name of Sobolo and its side effect.

Sobolo is known in English is called Hibiscus tea and not “Sobolo”. Please sound more professional next time.

Below are some of the side effects;

The over usage or consuming of this tea will cause several bad effects on your body such as stomach pains, constipation and headache.

Drinking of Sobolo will enlarge the veins. This may cause high blood pressure when consumed in excess.

However Sobolo is like a natural medicine but it should not be over used.

Those with diabetes should reduce the intake or stop it at all.

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