See How Ghanaians Reacted to images of Women at the Gym

Gym instructors go through a lot as they see so many things but can’t touch them in their line of work.

Actually, it can never be downplayed the amount of enticement gym instructors have to deal with every now and then. Ladies that troop the Centre make some positions that can raise eyebrows and trouser zips (you know what I mean, right?).

Recently, it didn’t go well as Little, a gym instructor was murdered at his residence at Tantra Hills, Accra. It was alleged that he was having an affair with a married woman. After countless warnings, which fell on deaf ears, he needed to be taught a lesson.

But Ghanaians lambasted the guy for breaking the Guys’ code. Guys code has it that no man shall sleep or have an affair with a married woman. But upon seeing this image, Ghanaians have come to understand the case of the gym instructor. The kind of things that they see at the gym Centre can move mountains.

Will you encourage your wife or girlfriend to be doing such a pose in a gym?.

Well, this is what Ghanaians had to say to the image:


Source: Dicy Trends.


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