One Teacher One Laptop: Teacher’s Mate Laptop Cost Only $69 not $256 -Trending Audio

One Teacher One Laptop

The Teacher’s Mate Laptop is supposed to cost only $69, not $256 (GHS1550)  per an audio trending on social media which is purported to have been an interview granted to Peace FM.

Teacher’s Mate Laptop Cost Only $69, not $256

The cost of $69 converted into cedis amounts to Ghs414.00 however, the 30% portion teachers are supposed to pay is more than the actual price per the interviewee in the audio.

The latest update from the Ministry of Education indicates that teachers 30% of the total cost is  GHS549.44. 

Comparing the two figures, teachers will be paying GHS135.00 more for the laptops. He added that “For the Vice President of the republic to say teachers are paying only 30% of the laptop is a lie”

He added that teachers must understand that the amount to be deducted from the earnings of teachers is the actual price of the laptops. According to the interviewee, the government is only finding ways to dupe the Ghanaian teacher and blamed the teacher unions for failing to fight for teachers.

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Developing Story…More updates coming up.


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