Nungua Chiefs demand from Evangelist Adu 25 fowls ,7 cows, 7 sheep, 7 goats, 7 crates of pink eggs over blasphemy

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Rulers of the Nungua Conventional Space has slapped Evangelist Prince Adu with extreme punishment over his statements in opposition to the gods of the land.

The person of God incurred the wrath of the Chiefs with a press release he made on Adom Mmre, a Spiritual present.

Evangelist Prince Adu stated on the present that the Nungua cities have been plagued with witchcraft and that their deity, Ogbee Sango of the Sango Lagoon is answerable for distributing misfortuned, sickness and witchcraft to anybody who crosse it. d242d04c 8857 4abf b976 0d6e35369e63

The Evangelist along with the host and producers of the present have been summoned to defend their assertion however on reaching there, they begged for forgiveness from the Chiefs.

The apology didn’t cease the Chiefs from discovering him responsible.

He’s to deliver, 7 white cows, 7 goats, 7 sheeps, 7 crates of white and pink eggs, 25 white fowls, 7 calicos in colours pink, white, blue and black, 7 packing containers of schnapps, 7 packing containers of chateau bridge and a fantastic of 100,000 cedis.7ad0973d 9b24 4570 9bc9 8dd020a3c4c9

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