NTC Teacher Portal: How to activate your pending account

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 How to Activate your pending account

As part of processes for teacher professionalization, the National Teaching Council (NTC) is issuing licenses to all qualified teachers in both public and private schools in Ghana. Teachers in some regions have already been issued with their license whereas others are yet to.

However, teachers who have not received their license but have their account pending with 100% have got to follow these steps in order to get their license numbers.

 How to activate your pending account with 100%

Individuals are to note that this procedure will only work for those who have reached the 100% mark. Follow the steps below;

  1. Open your email and click on Compose.
  2. Fill in with the following:
  3. To: it@ntc.gov.gh
  4. Subject: Activation of Account
  5. At the compose area enter the following Details:

Please my account is still pending activation but the profile progress is 100%.

Below are my details:

Name: —————-

Staff ID: ————–

Email address: ———-


After this click on send, thus, the information is being sent to it@ntc.gov.gh. Persons are to note that it may take up to 5 working days to receive your LICENCE NUMBER VIA SMS AND YOUR EMAIL FROM NTC.

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