Point out my title and I’ll beat you mercilessly

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Self styled PR of Akua GMB, Regina Adu Safowaah has dared Diamond Appiah to say her title if she’s actually courageous.

This follows, Diamond Appiah’s newly acquired ‘publish kaya’ job as PR for Stacy Amoateng and Dr. Kwaku Oteng on points relating with Akua GMB.

Everyone knows, Adu Safowaah is a proud soldier of the previous spouse of the Angel Broadcasting Community proprietor and on the similar time an enemy of Stacy Amoateng.

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She finds Diamond Appiah’s uninvited protection of her enemies irritating as she thinks she is throwing shades at her.

In accordance with Adu Safowaah, if Diamond believes she is courageous, she ought to simply point out her title and that would be the finish of her.

She has swore to beat the hell out of Diamond every time and wherever she meets her if she dares mentions her title.

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