JUST IN: GES Asked For These Vital Information Of Teachers Immediately -Check Out

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An excel template was sent to the heads of second cycle schools to provide names of teachers and their staff Identification Numbers for the distribution of one teacher one laptop project.

The list sent to the Ghana Education Service Headquarters was to be submitted to the Controller and Accountant General’s Department for the deduction of the thirty percent cost of the laptop.

The thirty percent cost of the teacher’s laptop which is five hundred and fifty cedis has been agreed by both parties to be deducted from the teacher’s continuous professional development allowance.

Teacher’s Continuous Professional Development allowance is paid to teachers per anum, which is one thousand two hundred cedis.

Some aggrieved teachers petitioned the Minister of Education no to deduct monies from their professional development allowance and requested the Ministry of Education to make the purchase of the one teacher one laptop an optional to teachers who are interested.

Some teachers have their own laptops therefore imposing a laptop on them is an avenue to extort money from the teachers. The Ministry of Education has responded to the petition by sending the data back to the heads of second cycle schools to delete names of teachers who are not interested in the the laptops.

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Teachers in the basic schools also wrote to the education ministry to include them in the distribution of the laptops, their request is yet to be approved by the Ministry.

The government is paying seventy percent cost of the laptops for the teachers, the seventy percent of the cost of the laptop is one thousand and eighty cedis, indirectly government is paying each teacher who take the laptop one thousand and eighty Ghana cedis.

Teachers who will opt out from the one teacher one laptop project will not be given the seventy percent.

The basic school teachers are calling on the government to be included or pay them the seventy percent to purchase their own laptops.

The one teacher one laptop initiative is part of the new GES ICT policy. The government is to help teachers to own laptops to cope with the current trend of technology in education and improves on digital literacy among teachers and students.

Teacher’s Mate 1(TM1) laptop is a custom made laptop for teachers in the country, the laptop has been preloaded with the standards based curriculum, textbooks, the preparation of scheme of work and lesson notes. A video tutorials on how to to teach and other educational materials useful for teachers

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