God Is Watching You: Newly Recruited Teachers To GES Director General

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The media should help us let information reached the Director General of Education that God is watching whatever he is doing to newly recruited teachers. Financial clearance has been given to him and his team since last year and up to now the newly recruited teachers have not received their staff IDs talk less of their salary.

| am very happy that nobody is going to remain on this Earth, the Director General of Education his team(those who are involved in putting newly recruited teachers on salary scale shall suffer) for starving us seven good months without pay. The Director General should advice himself and change his mind with whatever he want to use our money for.

We have worked for seven months he should give us our money or else we are not taking it easy on him. We are all human beings and we have to respect each as such. We will like to state it clearly to him that ” Those who denied the freedom of others deserves it not for themselves”. We need our staff IDs now.


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