GES Staff ID Update: There Will Be Release Of Third And Fourth Batch -Director General

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The Ghana Education Service, has released the first and second batches of staff IDs, there are still more teachers who have not received their staff IDs. According to the Director General of education by September all the backlogs will be cleared. End of July, August and September, Teachers will received their Staff IDs, after receiving your staff ID and doing your biometrics, the next month your salary is processed and you are paid with all your backpay.

Why has some of the Staff IDs relayed?

Some Newly recruited teachers delays in submitting their acceptance letter, some also for some reasons do reposting. Some also get their appointment late and these are the reasons why your Staff ID will delay. All those who submitted their documents late, those who did reposting and Those who had their appointment late. There are some who also had errors in their submitted documents and had to be called for the necessary corrections, These are the reason for some of the delay.

The third batch of staff IDs will be uploaded here very soon

In an interview by united television, it was alleged the Director General of Education has said the Teachers who have not received their staff IDs can resort to ”Galamsey”. It seems it was not taken well be the Teachers. The GES has just released a disclaimer, the Director General of Education did not make such statement. On the Ghana Education service official page, the disclaimer has just been published. Read below: Prof. Opoku Amankwa has instructed newly hired teachers who have not yet received their staff IDs to engage in ”Galamsey” or other forms of hard labour in order to maintain their financial stability. GES SAYs IT’s FAKE

Is there possibility for fourth (4th) batch?

Yes, depending on the number that is ready in the third batch. There can be a fourth batch which will be to clear all backlogs. According to the Director General by September all will be cleared   source:

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