GES Announce New Instructional Hours After GNAT Response

GES after Teacher Unions asked for the withdrawal of the new instructional hours announced by the New Juaben South Municipal Director for Education has said public basic schools will start lessons from 8:00 Am until 3:00 PM.

A staff of GES told on Thursday the school hours which was recently reduced amid the outbreak of the Covid-19 and concerns of social distancing have been restored to cover lost contact hours as a result of the virus.

According to him, the new school times for students in various government schools across the country (Kindergarten, primary and Junior High School) will commence from 8:00 Am and end at 3:00 PM each day (Monday to Friday).

The confirmation of the closing time comes after the New Juaben South Municipal Director for Education in a statement to heads of public schools in the Eastern Regions stated the contact hours for schools have been increased.

The GES official speaking to EducationWeb’s Okyere Darko George said District Directors of Education have been directed to run a shift system for classes with over 50 students to ensure social/physical distance amid Covid-19.

“If learners exceed 50 per class, District Directors have the discretion to run shift system to ensure social distancing, so the first shift will be from 8:00 Am to 11:00 Am and the second shift from 12:00 Pm to 3:00 Pm,” the staff told George.

Meanwhile, the Unions (NAGRAT, GNAT and CCT-GH) have said the hours’ teachers are required to work per day and per week should be determined by the GES and the Teacher Unions as required by the Collective Agreement.

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They in a release noted the statement issued by the New Juaben South Municipal Director for Education offends Section 13 of the Collective Agreement for staff within the Ghana Education Service (GES), August 2020 specifically.


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