‘Fine Boy’ without brains can’t be President of Ghana again

Former Deputy Health Minister Dr Bernard Okoe Boye has said that he backs Yaw Boateng Gyan’s claims that the National Democratic Congress(NDC) needs a new leader whose brain works well.

Former National Organizer for the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in an interview on Accra-based OKAY FM said “At this point in time in the NDC… we need someone who can sit down and be able to use his brain and use the youngsters around him to run an errand for him. They should stop playing the age card in politics because it will not help us. If Dr Duffuor opens his mouth to say he will contest, I will be the first person to support him…”.

“We need a leader who can sit down and think of good governance and proper politics. Governance is not about running a race and playing football” he jabbed.

Reacting to the comment made by Yaw Boateng Gyan, Dr Okoe Boye noted that it is a step in the right direction because it has been proven that governance is not about looks and size but rather the level of using the brains.

“Yaw Boateng Gyan is saying something that I agree with him. He says if in the future, Dr Duffour decides to contest he will support him because he uses his brains. Dr Okoe Boye I have come to the realization that it’s not a big body that runs a country, it’s a big brain.

Short people with big brains are far better than tall and big people who do not use their brains. It takes brains to have petrol if you are driving this morning. Before Kufour left, we thought it was easy to get fuel. But a government came and we saw drivers queueing for fuel but they could not get it.

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Why do you think that we were in this country when someone came to tell us that it will take 20 years to be able to implement free SHS? Because it takes a lot of brainpower to sit down to be able to manage your budget such that you can afford to pay 1.5 billion every year and still not go broke,” he said on Accra-based Peace FM.

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