Female University Student læks her own bēdr00m video – WATCH


Makerere University Business School (MUBS) Student identified as Paula has finally breaks her silence after her leaked video went viral.

After going mute for days since the video hits pubic domain , MUBS Paula has finally swallowed her pride and appeared before the camera to reveal why she decided to put her goodies on display for social media hyenas.


In an exclusive interview , Paula has revealed that the gone-viral video was released online by her boyfriend after their relationship turned sour.

”My former boyfriend decided to malice me after our relationship ended . I trusted him with the video because at the time I loved him but when the relationship went South he decided to expose me” Paula said.

However, she refused to reveal the name of the said man because she insisted that for her she doesn’t have that dirty mind.

Additionally, she has asked her parents, friends, and all Ugandans to forgive her for the atrocious incident. Actually, reporters affirms that she [paula] is indeed a very humble girl.

Howver, social media users were not happy with her cleanliness as her downstairs was not pretty good . Therefore they advised her to clean up for her better display next time.

You can Watch the Video here if you missed it.

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