Exposed: Tantra Hill Gym Instructor Was Akumaa’s Sugar Boy, He’s Been Ch0pping her low key For 7yrs – Details

A couple of days ago, a gym Instructor was shot dëad for allegedly sleeping with a married woman.

Talks around the neighborhood suggest, the gym Instructor known as Little was warned times without number to cut ties with the said married woman but he didn’t listen.

As news of his unfortunate demise for viral, Netizens who know him have been revealing strange details about him

A Netizen reached out to blogger ThoseCalledCelebs in her inbox to drop a wild gist about Little.

According to gist, media personality Akumaa Mama Zimbi is one of many sugar mummy of the gym Instructor.

The Netizen added that the multimedia broadcaster has been with Little for 7 years as she’s even rented a place for him. E17B060C 9885 4AF4 80D9 1FA497FA9ADF

Apparently Akumaa rushed to the scene when she heard of the unfortunate incident.

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