“Even Satan wasn’t gay” – Robert Mugabe

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The late Former President of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe is famous for making a quote on why he believed activities of LGBTQ must not be allowed to be legalized in any African country.

He commented in 2015 when former US President Barack Obama legalized gay marriage across all of America. Robert Mugabe stood against LGBTQ and was a staunch anti-gay crusader.

He spoke fondly about the culture of the African people and why its people must not copy blindly and assimilate to the foreign practices of the West.

Robert Mugabe was quoted to have said even Satan per Biblical history did not approach naked Eve when he made his appearance in the Garden of Eden.

According to him, if Satan who is classified as the evilest entity did not approach a naked man because he was also a man, he found no sense in why men should be attracted to men and women attracted to women.

“Even Satan wasn’t gay, he chose to approached naked Eve instead of naked Adam” – Robert Mugabe on homosexuality.

His quote ties into the wider debate in Ghana over whether the Anti-LGBTQ Bill should be passed or not.

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