GES Posting: How to apply, documents needed, GES posting portal

In this article we are focusing on the vital documents needed by Ghana Education Service (GES) during main postings, when we talk about main postings we are talking about the place you will be posted to teach permanently after completing your 1 year National Service and also passing your Ghana Teacher Licensure Exams(GTLE).

In every year the Ghana Education Service (GES) recruits successful graduates from the various colleges of education and universities who offered courses related to education.

What Teachers (Applicants) Must Have Before GES Posting or Recruitment

In any job there are things the employer needs from the employeer  before work permit is being given. Now before a teacher can be recruit into the Ghana Education Service (GES), he/she must have the following

  1. Must have completed all the years (3 or 4) in the college of education or university.
  2. must have passed all exams conducted by the institution without any resit.
  3. must have passed the final year exams.
  4. Must have written and passed The Teacher Licensure Exams
  5. Must have served and completed the country in the compulsory 1 year national service.
  6. Must have a sound mind, physically and spiritually fit to work for GES wherever posted to.

What Documents are Required/Needed for GES Posting/ Recruitment

The following are the core things GES will need from an applicant (Teacher) before recruiting or posting

  1. Birth Certificate
  2. Senior High School Certificate (WASSCE)
  3. BECE Certificate
  4. Diploma Certificate
  5. NSS Number
  6. NTC Certificate
  7. SSNIT number
  8. Any National ID Card

Documents needed during the online registration for GES Posting/ Recruitment

  1. scanned copy of college certificate
  2. scanned copy of NTC certificate
  3. scanned copy of your passport picture
  4. SSNIT

When is the GES posting/recruitment starting and ending

The GES recruitment/posting usually starts from ending of August to ending of September where applicants fill in their details on a portal

When is the GES posting/recruitment shortlisted or announced

The GES posting/recruitment is being announced in the months of November and December

How To Apply for the GES posting/ recruitment

  1. log on to
  2. click on click to start filling form
  3. A section will appear, fill the section with following (personal information);
  • Name
  • date of birth
  • place of birth
  • region of birth
  • nationality
  • marital status
  • email and phone number

4. A section will appear called certification, fill the section with following

  • NTC Licensure Number
  • select your NTC results (pass or fail)
  • College index number
  • select COE result(pass or fail)
  • Enter your NSS number
  • District of NSS posting
  • region of NSS posting
  • Year of Completion

5.  Upload your passport picture and all the require documents in a scanned form

6. After uploading all the documents, make sure the area you uploaded the documents turns green and shows view document.  If the areas does not turn area it means your file was not uploaded.

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