Doctor Reveals The Amount Involved For Butt0ck Enlargement For Ladies – Ego Chock You

Here’s how much it cost to have butt enlargement surgery – Cosmetic surgery is very selective and can be performed on a person’s head, neck, and other parts of the body.

Research has, however, shown that the most common cosmetic surgeries Ghanaians go in for are buttocks and breast enlargement.

Pulse in an exclusive interview with famed Dr Michael Obeng, a board-certified plastic surgeon based in the USA, asked how much the process cost, especially for butt enlargement.

According to the doctor, the cost of the surgery could range from $5,000 to about $30,000 depending on who is doing the surgery.

“Butt lift, popularly known as BBL or Brazilian Butt Lift, depending on who is doing it may range from $5,000 to about $30,000.”

When asked whether the process is safe and whether he would advise women to do it, he noted that he is not in any position to advise women to have plastic surgery or not, but, the process is safe, so, anybody who feels might want the service should go for it.

“It is not my job to advise any woman or anybody to have cosmetic surgery but if you feel your butt is small and so you want to do it, go for it, it is safe. It is my job to tell people it is safe but not to ask people to do it.”

AboutDr Michael Obeng

Ghanaian-American plastic surgeon, Dr Michael Obeng is popularly known for his famed surgery to save a woman who went viral on social media for applying gorilla glue in her hair.

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Based in Beverly Hills in California, the doctor performed the $12,500 procedure for free.

He currently has a foundation that performs surgery for needy patients who might need his service.

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