College of Education Reopening date for 2021/2022 and academic calendar drops


The Institute for Teacher Education and Continuing Professional Education (ITECPD) has drafted the academic calendar for the 2021/2022 academic year for the affiliated Colleges of Education and waiting to confirm the dates with the University of Cape Coast (UCC). In line with the above, Monday 3rd October, 2021 is the reopening date for the first semester of 2021/22 academic year.

The arrangement for reopening for the first semester shall be as follows:

  1. Level 100 students will report on 3rd October, 2021 and spend the rest of the semester on

2. Level 300 students will report 3rd October, 2021 and spend six weeks on campus (3rd October 19th November, 2021).

3. Level 200 students will spend the first six weeks studying online, and return to campus to swap spaces with L300 on 22nd November, 2021.

4. Level 100 and L 200 will go down at the end of the semester on 28th January, 2022.

5. Level 300 will return to campus on 28th January, 2022 and go down at the end of semester on 18th February, 2022.

We hope to provide more concrete guidance to Principals when we deliberate with University of Cape Coast to finalize the above arrangements.

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