CoE: Akaktsi College of Education sends an important information to level 400 trainees on their reporting date


Per the information received, the Supporting Teaching in Schools, STS coordinators of Akatsi College of Education are therefore informing all the level 400 trainees of the mentioned College not to report on 6th September, 2021 due to the a semester break for the Junior High School.

Read full press statement from the STS coordinators of Akatsi College of Education


The Supported Teaching in Schools (STS) Unit writes to inform all Level 400 students of Akatsi College of Education of the postponement of the date for resumption to schools of
attachment for the 2021 Macro Teaching. This has become necessary as Junior High Schools across the country will be going on their mid-semester break, starting September 6, 2021.
By the above information, all students are now required to report to their schools of attachment by SEPTEMBER 13, 2021.

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