Coalition of Newly Recruited Teachers Release An Important Information

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The leadership of the Coalition of Newly Recruited Teachers appreciates the efforts of the government through the Ghana Education Service to secure financial clearance to post over sixteen thousand of its members.

However. the leadership would like to draw the attention of the general public to the facts that:

1. The financial clearance of sixteen thousand. eight hundred and fifty (16.850) newly posted teachers was released on 19th November, 2021.

2. Appointment letters of the newly posted teachers were released on 21st January, 2022 which took effect on the Ist February, 2022.

3. About 80% of the newly posted teachers have not received their staff IDs, let alone, their salaries.

4. Those who have gone through the biometric process after the list of the second batch was released have not received their salaries as of Ist Auguest, 2022. A situation which is not supposed to be.

5. Most newly recruited teachers have been forced to live on their parents’ meagre pocket money due to serious hardship resulting trom the non-payment of their salaries for 6 whole months. At the same time. GES continues to expect them to show up to work everyday apparently unaware of the irony.

6. The vacation date for basic schools still stands at 11th August, 2022. and an attempt by GES to continually release staff IDs during the break will result in the inconvenience of many newly recruited teachers being forced to retum to their region of post before the vacation is over.

7. We, the newly posted teachers understand that it takes some time before the staff IDs are issued. but over 6 months is long overdue. We are therefore by this missive appealing to the Ghana Education Service and all

stakeholders involved to expedite the process of issuing the staff IDs to all the newly recruited teachers accompanied with a scheduled date for a biometric process.

We again appeal to stakeholders, the media and entire public to contribute their quota in order to mitigate the plight of the newly posted teachers.

We end by saying, a hungry man is an angry man and no angry man can have a positive impact on students. Therefore, if this delay persists, we should not be blamed if we seek alternative measures to sate our hunger and thirst .

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