Coaliation of Aggrieved Teacher Union Fires Director General Of GES – Details

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A letter to Director general of education, Regional and district education directors, SISOs, Heads of educational institutions, teaching and non teaching staffs of educational institutions and other civil workers in Ghana…

I have said it over and over again that if you are a worker in GES or in any other civil service here in Ghana, without your personal plan Bs, you would retire as an ordinary commoner and a pooper and your relatives in the informal sector would be better off in importance than you are. You can believe or leave it.

Coaliation of Aggrieved Teacher Union

Everything about salaries and allowances of workers here in Ghana testifies that the above mentioned workers remain the footstool (slaves) for workers in other sectors in a same country. What remains the gross annual salaries of Director general of education, regional and district directors, SISOs, headteacher’s and head masters, not to talk of the classroom teachers and the non teaching staffs? The sense and reason for which superiors of education service must think and reason about the welfare of themselves including their subordinates than the ordinary intimidations casted against the poor workers, or else, we all are going to remain as ordinary as the word ordinary means when we are out from active services without plan Bs….. I have said it, you can choose to believe it or not.

If a Ghanaian worker in the same hard time receives Ghc 609,320.00 as an annual gross salary with his monthly salary as Ghc 50,776.67, (which others take more than this), then, I leave the rest of the sense to the superiors of the various civil sectors to do their calculations.
Jus try hard to have a look at the allowances in the images.
Why the nation wouldn’t hate the truth sayers….?

Director general of education
Regional directors of education
District directors of education
SISOs among other superiors,
What single important life improving structure have you offered to your subordinates ever since you took offices apart from intimidations and releasing of communiques?

If we need evidences before we accept the truth, let’s pay kind visit to the retirees from the mentioned sector who did not have plan Bs for themselves when in active service and their life and appearance would offer us an imaginary view of our future should we continue in such mediocrity against ourselves.

You think Ghanaians should applaud your office for releasing this letter?

I rest my case..

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