Busted: Ex Girlfriend Of Medikal Sister Derby Now Selling Her Nüde Pictures and videos for 20gh – WATCH

It is not surprising though, since the system is really hard and everyone is just trying to survive. Even your favorite celebrities are not left out.

Ever since Medikal disappointed the old but beautiful Sister Derby for young curvy Ayigbe Fella Makafui, she has been doing all sorts of things to keep her head above water.

We reported a few months ago that she registered for Onlyfans account as a creator but we all thought that was just for the fun of it since these celebs will jump at anything and do whatever it takes just to be in the news.

Well, this is not really the case with Sister Derby since she’s actively selling her nud.es on OnlyFans for just 20gh a month.

Most of you may not even know what OnlyFans is so lemme take the opportunity to educate you a little, lol.


Launched in 2016, OnlyFans is a subscription-based social media platform where users can sell and/or purchase original content—typically of the pornographic variety. It is a paid platform that charges $5 dollars per month to show you n.ake.d videos and pictures of creators such as sister Derby who have agreed to expose themselves for people willing to pay and watch.

The platform actually takes a commission from the $5 so in reality, your favorite celebrity is actually selling her n.aked pictures and videos for less than 20gh a month.

Well, we all got a life to live and since this is what is making her happy and probably increasing her bank account balance, we can only wish her well but that won’t stop us from reporting on it since her business is our business. lol.

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Watch Some of her Only Fans videos below


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