Breaking: Do Not Post (Accept) Teachers Who Graduated With Third Class – GES HR

It saddens our heart to report to you that the letter below was released by the HR of the Shama District Education Office.

Dear colleagues,

Please ,be   informed that Teachers  who have gotten   assurances  for (Inter Regional / Inter District re -postings –  (Release)  in Shama District, are to come  and fill a  form at the H R’s  office  on or before  the  end of August  ,2021.  The instruction is  ,we are to compile all such information and submit to the Regional Office latest by  Friday,  3rd September, 2021 after which no documents would be accepted.


Thank you. HR  For  DDE. for enquiries,  call 0245774820.

Our reporter called her, from the number in the letter to confirm if the above communique is truly from her. To our  surprise, the HR admitted that yes, is from her office but indicated that, the instructions came from the Regional Education Office.

Read some reaction from teachers in one of the popular teachers platform in Ghana UNUPGRADE TEACHERS

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