Are 2019 backlogs, 2020 trained teachers, NABCo personnel, and university graduates included in 2021 GES recruitment?

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The minister of tourism delivered a speech on behalf of the Vice President and the Education minister who had an “important” event taking place during the world teachers day celebration held in Sunyani in the Bono regionAccording to him, the Ghana Education Service and the education ministry is hoping to recruit about 40,000 teachers (teaching and non-teaching staff) to reduce congestion and improve the student-teacher ratio
So the question is, are the 2019 trained teachers (backlogs), 2020 trained teachers, NABCo personnel, and the university graduates included in this year’s recruitment?
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Why have the GES delayed the opening of the recruitment portal

The Ghana Education Service has not opened the recruitment portal for newly trained teachers to apply yet.After the TTAG meeting with the GES executives, the GES made it known that the portal is still closed due to these two main reasons;
  1. No financial clearance
  2. Recent changes in the academic calendar

How many teachers will be recruited this year

The Ghana Education Service and the Ministry of education is hoping to recruit about 40,000 teachers ( both teaching and non-teaching staff).”These are not my words anyways, they are the words of the tourism minister, Hon Mohammed Ibrahim Awal who delivered a speech on behalf of the vice president and the education minister.


Out of the 40,000 teachers that will be recruited as announced by the Tourism minister, about 2,000 teachers will not be employed this year. This number is just for the teaching staffI know is crazy, let us do the calculations below1. According to the TTAG survey, they have over 2,000 2019 trained teachers who were denied posting last year. So let us say the number is 20002. From the release of posting for 2020 trained teachers, the management of the National Service Scheme said that a total of 15,477 trained teachers has been placed to offer their one-year mandatory national service3. According to the president in an interview on Radio B.A.R, his government will recruit 25,000 NABCo personnel into GES4. The total number of university graduates to be recruited is not known yet. Although the Education minister said that, the ministry is not mandated to recruit university graduates, I still expect some “special” graduates to be recruited

From the numbers above, You and I can say that the 40,000 people that will be recruited is not even enough for teaching staff only let alone non-teaching staff.

Group Number
2019 trained teachers 2000
2020 trained teachers 15,477
NABCo 25,000
Total 42,477

The above calculation excludes the non-teaching staff though.

What happened to the non-teaching staff recruitment last year

Did you applied last year to be recruited as a non-teaching staff, and did you receive your appointment letter?. The GES never released the appointment letters for people who applied last year. (Unless it was sent privately

Do we still need financial clearance?

I mean, why will the GES cite the financial clearance as an excuse for the delay in the opening of the portal? We already know that “about” 40,000 teachers ( teaching and non-teaching staff) will be recruited

What changes in the academic calendar are they talking about?

So the other reason for the delay in the opening of the portal is the changes in the academic calendar according to the GES. Don’t laugh, they are serious.Ah well, you and I know that the academic calendar is now from January to December. The DG once said it will be changed to the traditional September to July but I don’t see that happening anytime soon unless they wanna close down schools again


Is crazy, I know but this is just an opinion shared by me. Let me see what you also think in the comment section


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