Licensure Exams: Why Teachers Write Licensure Exams

In this article, you will get to know why teachers write licensure exams and what happens after writing licensure exams. Now let set the ball rolling, within recent weeks now the Ghana Teacher Licensure Exams (GTLE) which is organized by the National Teaching Council (NTC) have had a couple of lashes from the biggest opposition party in Ghana, the NDC over the recent results released by the NTC which majority of the candidates failed, which the opposition party explains it as a retrogressive exams.

Someone may ask;

What is Teacher Licensure Exams/ Licensure Exams

Well, to our findings from various candidates some say it is an exams conducted to get teachers in the country licensed, others too have their meaning to be a strategy used by government to curtail the employment of teachers in country.

Why Teachers Write Licensure Exams

Someone may ask, why do we still write the Licensure Exams after many years in Colleges of Education or the Universities? Does the years students spent in school not enough for them to be professional teachers? Does the many exams conducted by our credible educational institutions not valid?

Now, the main reason for Licensure Exams is to license all trained teachers across the country, in this way it is assumed that a trained teachers from Ghana can teacher in any international country with this license acquired.

What Happens After Writing Licensure Exams

As we all know, when an examination is conducted it is being submitted to the institution  in charge to tasked qualified people )(teachers) to mark the scripts. After marking and various checks (assessment), the results is being published to candidates to know the outcome of the exams they wrote, either you passed or failed.

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Now there are two things involved after the results is published, if you had pass in all the three subjects you are save but if you had a fail in any of the three subjects or fail in all the subject, what happens is this;

  1. You will pay for each paper for failed for a resit.
  2. If you are not lucky and posting is near you will not be posted.
  3. Again if you fail a paper or all the papers for three times you will be abolished from the teaching profession.

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