These 17 MPs Are Part Of The LGBTQ Society And They Will Vote Against The Bill. -Captain Smart Hints

The issue of the infamous LGBTQ rights agenda that is being pushed by the gay and lesbians community both in the country and the world at large is gradually gaining grounds. Things became more complicated after the American embassy in Accra hoisted High the rainbow flag alongside the US flag right at their premises in support of the LGBTQ agenda.

Ghana is one of the few countries in Africa alongside Rwanda that has vehemently stated that it will make no room for such ungodly practice in the country. As a result the Parliament house has proposed an anti LGBTQ bill in Parliament which if approved will prevent every Ghanaian to involved him or herself into gays and lesbianism.

But surprisingly, the controversial captain smart has exposed some 17 parliamentarians who are as at now part of the LGBTQ society and for that matter they will in anytime vote against the anti LGBTQ bill to be proposed in Parliament.

Speaking live on Accra based Onua TV’s maakye program, captain smart reveals there are some member of Parliaments from both the NPP caucus and the NDC caucus who are determined to reject the bill. He further revealed out of these 17 parliamentarians, 14 are males and 3 are females. and they are secretly part of the LGBTQ society.

He concluded the names of these seventeen members of parliament will be made public to Ghanaians on the day of the voting on the bill in the Parliament house only if the ballot done will not be a secret ballot.

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