61 Year-Old Grandmother MARRIES 24 Year-Old Toy-Boy (Photos)


A grandmother-of-17 has married her 24-year-old boyfriend and despite nasty comments from strangers about their 37-year age gap, the pair say they are madly in love and having ‘amazing ‘

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Quran McCain, 24, and Cheryl McGregor, 61, from Rome, Georgia, wed on 3rd September in an intimate ceremony, which was watched by thousands of their TikTok fans.


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The couple first met when Quran was 15, but only started dating when he was 23 in 2020, after reconnecting online.

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Brushing off critics who disapprove of their age gap, Cheryl and Quran have created an Onlyfans account where they share racier videos and opened their wedding day to their TikTok fans.

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A livestream showed Cheryl walking down the aisle, dressed in a stunning white wedding dress with a laced bodice, freshly-painted nails to match the colour of her bridal gown and her golden tresses hanging around her shoulders in loose curls.

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Quran stood proudly beside her, in an off-white suit and he even dyed his hair and beard blonde for the occasion.
‘We were live on TikTok for the wedding,’ Quran said.

‘We had the wedding in Tennessee. My best friends were there and we went to Bones BBQ Joint after and got a very good meal.

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The couple first met in 2012 when Quran was just 15 when he worked at a fast-food restaurant managed by Cheryl’s son Chris, but romantic feelings didn’t blossom until much later.

The pair lost contact for a while but reconnected on 4 November 2020 when caretaker Quran saw mum-of-seven Cheryl working as a cashier at a convenience store.

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He said: ‘I have never felt the way I feel for anyone like I do Cheryl.
Despite him being younger than one of her own children, the couple feel a connection on multiple levels, and it doesn’t stop their chemistry.

Quran said: ‘Our relationship works so well because communication is the foundation of our friendship, relationship and marriage.

‘We both love each other unconditionally.

The pair have thousands of fans on TikTok so when they said I do on 3 September, they made sure their supporters were there watching.

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The video of the couple saying their vows was inundated with positive messages from well-wishers and has been viewed almost 100,000 times.

One person said: ‘Blessings to you both. He was truly raised right. I wish there was more like that.

‘He was raised right. He sees her heart and soul. Congratulations you two. May God bless you with many happy years together,’ added someone else.

A third person wrote: ‘This is so beautiful, congratulations. Love ya’ll so much. Yall give me hope.’

Another person said: ‘Best wishes for the both of you. I wish you love happiness and peace forever.’

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