39-year-old carpenter arrested for writing love letter to 13-year-old girl – Insight


Pictures of a man identified as a carpenter and a screenshot of his alleged love letter to a 13-year-old girl is trending on social media.

According to the information gathered, the Ghana Police Service picked the carpenter up as a result of a love letter he wrote to the 13-year-old girl.

Upon receipt of the said letter, the girl handed it over to her mother who had been kind to the carpenter(25years) and allowed him to fetch water from their house regularly.

But upon receiving the letter, she had no option but to get him arrested.

The said letter had surfaced on the internet.

It reads:


I am so glad by writing you this letter today in proving to you how much I Love You.

The first day I saw you, I was confused and couldn’t control myself anymore.

My heart is open waiting for your love.

You’re the one I have been waiting for, baby you are my future, the best woman I need in my life. The one that’ll make me happy. Without you am nobody. I always dream about you every single day of my life.

I can’t imagine how I will leave without you.

My sweetheart, you are the only one I need in my life. No one else because you have all the things to be good a wife material.

All I need is you since I have been waiting for your coming.

Treasure, I can’t be without you. You’re my Morning Wine, My Sunshine, My Pretty angel, My Favourate, My Joy, My Melody, My Love, My Harmony, My Everything.

I am waiting for fo the sweet moment to cuddle with you and give you some sweet love.

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Attached is the original image and content of the letter which has been trending for days on social media.

39-year-old carpenter arrested for writing love letter to 13-year-old girl [PICTURE]


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