38 Exams In college and Still NTC frustrating newly trained teachers with portfolio assessment

Newly trained teachers on national service duty have been asked to do portfolio assessment without any professional allowances.

They’ve also been asked to produce lesson notes meanwhile majority of head teachers don’t give NSS personnels lesson notebooks.

Teachers on the field have been awarded licenses without any licensure exams.

The licensure exams we wrote has been discarded and NTC is now threatening that, should a personnel get below 60 percent, he or she will be denied postings.

We want the whole process suspended and our licenses given us just like it was given to in-service teachers.
We want the NTC to treat us just as they treated teaches in the field.

We see this to be a deliberate attempt to render trained teachers unemployed.

We want the president and the minister of education to come in and help suspend this I’ll motivated assessment program because it’s not intended to serve the interest of teacher but some other authorities elsewhere.

Group leaders
024 655 8124… MR. KUNCHAM

024 964 0016…Mr. ODIKRO

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